A Lifetime of Service

Did you know South Dakota ranks 6th in the nation for senior volunteer rates? Our local residents over 55 are the heart of many local volunteer programs. And even more seniors are still needed. This site offers a variety of ways to connect with rewarding service opportunities for those seniors with extra hours to give.

Step 1
Log in to your volunteer account or register with this site by clicking on the blue LogIn button at the top of this screen.

Step 2
Search opportunities to get started. 

Step 3
Scroll down and click on the + sign by Appropriate For and then click the box next to Seniors/RSVP. Click Refine to see results. You can also search by a number of other factors, including your interest areas and the population you would like to serve.

Step 4
When you find the perfect volunteer opportunity, click Express Interest and the agency will get in touch with more information.

If you are a senior who is not comfortable using email or the web, dial 2-1-1 at any time for personalized assistance.